House of Knits has grown out of centuries-long traditions of knitting. During the cold and dark nights of the North, knitting has been both a necessity and a way of life. Women have passed on the knowledge of materials, colouring and techniques, from generation to generation, from mother to daughter.

House of Knits embodies the love for craftsmanship of knitting and appreciation for high-quality materials and yarns. 25 years of work in progress with Europe's and Japan's best yarn producers has culminated in a modern and unique approach to knitwear which is a combination of traditional methods and innovation.

We cherish Scandinavian minimalism, natural materials, clean and clear colour combinations. We work with pride for the knitwear we produce.

As we have put our love and respect into our knitwear, but the clients decide the future of the garments, by adding their own style, love and care turning them into unique ageless knits for life.